The Great Game- The Most Exciting Treasure Hunt in London!

The London Treasure Hunt The Great Game is an innovative and exciting new treasure hunt in London so far there are 4 great routes to choose from spanning across the capital with more coming soon!

What makes this treasure hunt in London unique?

Firstly, there is real treasure at the end (this is an historic pub with great food and drink plus you can receive 20% off your total food and drink bill by showing your Great Game the London treasure hunt clues sheet to the bar staff). The treasure hunt in London packs also contain a prize envelope which contains a completion letter with some additional brain teasers for you to try in the pub and a local area map detailing local attractions, pubs and secret places. So after you finished your treasure hunt in London you can plan the rest of your day over a lunch whilst saving enough many for some more rounds of drinks!

Secondly this the only treasure hunt in London is made up a whole mix of things including:

·         Cracking codes. Each hunt has serval different codes of varying difficulty.
·         Solving riddles. Every clues sheet has two riddles to solve.
·         Orienteering (each pack contains a compass). There is plenty of map and compass work.
·         Observations. Lots of clues use the environment to show you the way.
·         Don’t worry if you get stuck all the answers are included.

It is this combination which makes the London treasure hunt The Great Game so addictive and challenging. Many of our hunters have praised it as being the best treasure hunt in London.

Thirdly, you get a real treasure map and using our original code breaker feature (hunters must keep an eye out for certain letters and numbers in the environment which are used to solve a code which in turn is used to draw an x on the map where the treasure is!).   

Finally, The Great Game is the only treasure hunt in London for which it is possible to race against each other. This is because for each location (currently the treasure hunt in London is at Westminster and The City of London) there are two routes of equal distance both starting from the same spot and ending at the same treasure. They take different routes which cross over each other so be sure to look out for the other team! This feature means The London treasure hunt The Great Game is perfect for team building exercises or just something different with friends, imagine sitting in the pub drink in hand waiting for the losing team to burst through the door!

So come on Sherlock when was the last time you did something for the first time?

For more information you can visit our website:

The Great Game Treasure Hunts

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