The Great Game - Westminster Treasure Hunt with Prize

The Westminster treasure hunt from The Great Game is the perfect way to explore some of the capitals most famous landmarks. Starting from the foot of the iconic Big Ben clock tower there are two routes. Without giving too much away the orange route heads north exploring the historic buildings along Whitehall and the areas beyond, whilst the purple route winds around Parliament Square taking in some of the most famous sights in London before getting lost in the maze of streets and alleys around Westminster.

Whilst taking in the sights through the London Westminster Treasure hunt you can also read up about the history of the buildings in front of you and areas you stand in. This is because The Great Game clues sheet comes filled with short information to highlight the most interesting facts. Think you know London? you are sure to find out something you never knew!

The best part about this Westminster Treasure hunt is of course the treasure! Both London Westminster Treasure Hunts end at the same pub a great Victorian pub tucked away on quiet street with grand d├ęcor. At this pub, you can receive 20% off your total food and drink bill so with a few rewarding drinks and some great pub food and will have earnt yourself a free treasure hunt with the savings you’ve made. Included in the treasure hunt pack is a prize envelope, not only does this contain the discount at the pub but it also has a couple of extra sheets with some more brain teasers and puzzles for you to work out as you wait for your food.

The Great Game uses a combination of puzzle solving, codebreaking and orienteering to provide you with a unique treasure hunt. The difficulty has been carefully thought out to provide a challenging route which can be successfully completed by all ages. The London Westminster Treasure Hunts have a unique feature called the Codebreaker for which detectives must keep a look out for the pictures shown and record down what is hidden behind the white boxes, this is then used to provide grid references on the map. Draw up the grid references to make an X. X marks the spot! Once you have this you can find your way to the treasure.

For the Westminster treasure hunt and other great locations across the capital and country check out the website –

The Great Game Treasure Hunts

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