The Great Game - London's Best Treasure Hunt

The Great Game Treasure Hunts offers the perfect treasure hunt ideas in London. The unique combination of finding your way to the treasure- a great historic pub just can’t be beaten! Once you have successfully found the treasure you can receive 20% off your total food and drink bill.

This is how it works; you set off from the starting point with your clues sheet and compass. Then you must crack the codes, solve the riddles and use your compass to find your way to the treasure (the treasure being a historic pub) the hunt is about 2-3 miles and last approximately three hours. A unique feature for London treasure hunt ideas is our Codebreaker feature, for this you must keep an eye out for 5 pictures during the hunt each of which has a white box obscuring a letter or number. Once you spot the pictures you fill in the number/symbol and at the very end once you have found the final picture you can use these letters and symbols to make grid references and draw an X on the map which shows where treasure is then just simply make your way there!

For London treasure hunt ideas, The Great Game has two central locations with four exciting routes to choose from. At each location, there are two routes of equal length starting and finishing at the same spots so it’s possible to team up and race- great for team building! The routes intertwin so keep a look out for the other team. One location is in Westminster which explores the area around Whitehall, Bucking Palace, Parliament Square and the lesser known streets off the tourist route. The other location is the City exploring the skyscrapers of the modern city compared with the old Roman ruined walls of old as well as the vibrant south bank. Even if you know the area well you will be sure to find somewhere new!

Finally, another feature in The Great Game which has been a hit treasure hunt idea in London is the final prize package; this contains a brief history on the pub and local area and a set of brain teasers/puzzles to challenge yourself over a discounted pint + food – check it out now at our website. Read more for related posts

The Great Game Treasure Hunts

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