Discover the Great Game Westminster Treasure Hunt and Its Brilliance

The Westminster Treasure Hunt from The Great Game consists of two exciting new routes Orange and Purple. Be prepared and get your detective hats on as The Great Game bring its trademark innovative clues and unique codebreaker and race features to The London Westminster Treasure Hunts.

Both starting from the foot of the famous Big Ben the Westminster Treasure Hunt Orange route winds up Whitehall before exploring the area north of St James Park. Whilst hunters on the Purple route begin by discovering the area around Westminster Abbey and finishing on the lesser known backstreets of southern Westminster.

Unlike other London Westminster Treasure Hunts The Great Game has genuine treasure to find- an historic pub hidden in the depths of the city. This pub has been specifically chosen for its great atmosphere and décor is a hidden gem you will love finding. Successful detectives can enjoy 20% off the total food and drink bill as they open their prize envelope at this thoughtfully selected pub.

The example below of one of the clues highlights exactly why the Westminster Treasure hunt from The Great Game is completely different to the usual London Westminster Treasure Hunts;
Keep walking and stop when you see S.Africa written in stone. Stand behind the 5th flag pole to the right of this, using your compass leave through the gate in a southerly direction from this flag pole.

The use of orienteering skills with the compass in conjunction with the environment surrounding you underlines The Great Game as one London’s best let alone just the London Westminster Treasure Hunts.

Moreover, it must be said The Westminster Treasure Hunt from The Great Game is not just a treasure hunt because contained in the prize envelope there is a unique guide detailing local attractions and unusual secret places and landmarks. Thus, upon successful completion of one of the London Westminster treasure hunts routes the detectives can plan more exploring whilst enjoying discounted food & drink in the cosy city pub. It’s a complete day out for friends and family alike!

Therefore, if you are looking for the best of the London Westminster treasure hunts, surely look no further than the Westminster treasure hunt The Great Game Orange and Purple routes. Try it, you will not regret it!

The Great Game Treasure Hunts

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