The Great Game City of London Treasure Hunts

The city of London treasure hunt from The Great Game is the perfect day out to explore the city. Even if you think you know the area you are sure to uncover hidden areas you’ve never seen before and find hidden gems tucked away on our treasure hunt.

Unlike others this City of London treasure hunt offers you the chance to find real treasure – an historic city pub with a fascinating past (read up about it once you locate the pub). Once you have successfully found the treasure you can receive 20% off your total food and drink bill and enjoy some great pub grub and ales.

The City of London treasure hunt starts on the steps of the Royal Exchange building outside bank tube station. From here there are two routes; one winding north exploring the tall modern sky scrapers and old Roman ruins of the London wall. The second leads south across the bustling south bank. Both are of equal length and finish at the same point so it’s possible to team up and race each other, they even overlap in places so you may be able to spot the opposition!

The Great Game City of London treasure hunt consists of a clues sheet full of codes, puzzles, riddles and orienteering work you must solve them all to navigate around the city and find the treasure. At the same time, you will be instructed to look out for five photos in the Codebreaker section, on each photo there is a letter or number hidden. Once you spot the location of this photo you must fill in the letter or number, the final clue will be the last photo and with this you can fill in the grid references (made up from the hidden letters and numbers). With these references, you can draw an X on the map to reveal where to find the treasure. Then just make your way there to collect your prize.

Furthermore, the City of London treasure hunt also has a prize envelope only to be opened when sat in the pub at the end. This includes a brief history of the pub and surrounding area as well as a couple of pages of brain teasers and puzzles to challenge yourself over some great food and drink at discounted prices!

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The Great Game Treasure Hunts

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