The Great Game Treasure Hunts in London

The Great Game treasure hunt London currently offers four treasure hunts at two exciting locations. We offer unique treasure hunts in London which include real treasure; an historic pub with 20% off your total food and drink bill. Each player is given a treasure map, compass and clues book, from this they must crack codes, solve puzzles, answer riddles and use orienteering skills to find their way to the treasure pub. It’s this combination which has quickly elevated it to one of the must do treasure hunts in London.

The first location, our original treasure hunt London is right in the heart of The City of London; try the Red or Blue routes. Both start from the steps of The Royal Exchange building outside Bank tube station and wind through the city streets past famous landmarks and ancient relics to a very friendly pub with a fascinating history intertwined with the architecture surrounding it.

The second location and the newest our treasure hunts in London is Westminster, here you can try the Orange or Purple routes starting at the foot of the famous Big Ben clock tower these routes wind through the city and some of its most popular parks before emerging onto the hidden pub deep in the back streets of Westminster long forgotten to the tourists.

If you are looking for something to do, then one of our treasure hunts in London is the perfect solution! Take on the challenge and get out exploring some areas hidden within the city. Even if you think you know the locations well try The Great Game treasure hunt London and we are sure you will find something new!

The Great Game Treasure Hunts

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